How to make a pie chart in Excel?

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How to make a pie chart in Excel?

1. In your spreadsheet, pick the data that you would like to utilize for your pie chart...
2. Select the desired chart by selecting it from the drop-down menu that appears when you select Insert > Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart.
3. To add the final touches, click the chart, and then click the icons that are located next to the chart.


How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel?


How To Create A Pie Chart In Excel (With Percentages)?




How do I create a pie chart with multiple data in Excel?

First, pick the dataset you want to work with, and then click the Insert tab on the ribbon.

After that, select the Charts group and then click the Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart button.

After that, select the first Pie Chart among the two-dimensional pies from the drop-down menu.


How do I create a subcategory pie chart in Excel?

To begin, choose a selection that encompasses the full data table.

Following that, we will navigate to the Insert tab in the menu.

Next, pick Pie of Pie chart from the Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart >> menu option.


What is the formula of pie chart?

To determine the contribution that each slice makes to the whole, measure the angle formed by each slice, then multiply that result by 100 after dividing it by 360. Multiplying the proportion that each slice contributes to the whole by the total number of data sets will allow you to get the number of data points that are represented by each slice.


What are the 2 types of pie chart?

On the basis of the dimensions of the graph, pie charts may be broken down into two primary categories. These two varieties are referred to as 2D pie charts and 3D pie charts, respectively.


What are different types of pie chart?

* 3D pie chart and perspective pie cake.

* Doughnut chart.

* Exploded pie chart.

* Polar area diagram.

* Ring chart, sunburst chart, and multilevel pie chart.

* Spie chart.

* Square chart / Waffle chart.


How do I create a pie chart in Excel without numbers?

After that, choose the table that extends from column E4 to cell F6 and go to the Insert tab in your spreadsheet.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the Insert tab, then select the Insert Pie Chart option.

After reaching that page, select the 2-D Pie option from the menu.


How do I make a pie chart on sheets?

Launch Google Sheets on your PC and create a new spreadsheet there.

To make changes to a chart, double-click on the chart.

To the right, you'll see a button labeled Customize.

Pick one of the following: Format of the chart: Modify the appearance of the chart. Pie chart: Change the color of the border, or add a slice label or a doughnut hole.


Why do we use pie charts?

The most common applications for a pie chart are the following: If you want your audience to get a general idea of the part-to-whole relationship in your data, and comparing the exact sizes of the slices is not as critical to you, then you should use pie charts. To indicate that a certain portion of the whole is disproportionately tiny or huge.


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