How to use Excel in laptop? [The Basics]

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How to use Excel in laptop? [The Basics]

1. Open or create a worksheet.
Excel files are workbooks. Workbooks contain tabbed data pages. Each tab might be called a worksheet or a spreadsheet. Launching Excel prompts you to open an existing worksheet or create a new one.
Start over by clicking Blank worksheet. In other cases, you can open an existing worksheet or create a new one using one of Excel's budgeting templates.

2. Explore the workbook.
When you create a new blank workbook, you'll have a single worksheet titled Sheet1 with a data grid. Excel spreadsheets are made from columns and rows of cells.

Above each column, letters identify the rows.
Numbers along the left side of the spreadsheet label the horizontal rows.
Each cell's address identifies its column and row. The top-left cell's address is "A1," which means it's in column A, row 1.

A workbook may contain worksheets with distinct data. Your workbook has numerous named worksheets. Right-click a worksheet's tab and pick Rename from the context menu. Clicking the + symbol next to the worksheet tab creates another.

3. Save your workbook.
After the first save, Excel saves any changes automatically. Excel's default setting. This safeguards data from accidental deletion.

"Save As" is on the File menu. Click Save to save the file to your PC or OneDrive.  Give a name to your workbook. All workbooks inherit the.XLSX file extension. Choose "Save."



What is Excel and How to use it?




How do you type in Excel on a laptop?

Put some text or a number in a cell, if you want to.

To begin, choose a cell on the worksheet. After you have typed in the numbers or the text that you wish to input, use either the ENTER or the TAB button. To begin data entry on a new line within a cell, use the ALT and ENTER keys simultaneously to create a line break.


What are the 5 functions in Excel?

5 Functions of Excel/Sheets That Every Professional Should Know:

  1. VLookup Formula.
  2. Concatenate Formula.
  3. Text to Columns.
  4. Remove Duplicates.
  5. Pivot Tables.


What is Excel used for?

Users of Microsoft Excel have the capacity to arrange, organize, and compute data that is included in a spreadsheet.

By organizing the data using software such as Excel, data analysts and other users may make the information easier to review anytime new data is added or old data is amended.

This is because the information will be more logically organized. Excel is made up of a huge number of separate boxes, or "cells," that are organized into rows and columns. These rows and columns are called worksheets.


Why Excel is important?

Users of Microsoft Excel are able to distinguish trends, organize their data into applicable categories, and sort the data by utilizing the application.

Excel is also capable of executing tasks that are associated with human resources. Some examples of these tasks include organizing worked hours and arranging employee profiles and prices.

Because of these capabilities, firms are able to have a more in-depth understanding of the activities performed by their staff as well as the makeup of their workforce.


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