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How to use Excel on iPhone? [In Easy Steps]

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How to use Excel on iPhone? [In Easy Steps]

After you have opened the Microsoft Office Mobile app on your iPhone for the first time and tapped the "Get Started" button, the software will offer you with tutorial screens that describe the functions that are available and will ask you for an email account.

When you use the email address that is connected to your Microsoft account, the app will ask you for the password for that account. After entering that, you will have instant access to your Microsoft OneDrive account, which will allow you to retrieve any Microsoft Office documents that you have saved to that location.

You can either create a new Word document or Excel workbook by tapping the "New" button, or you can hit the "Open" button to locate one of those files and open it.

After you have finished working on a file, touch the "Done" button, and the app will ask you whether you want to store it locally on your iPhone or in the cloud using OneDrive.


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Can I use an Excel spreadsheet on my iPhone?

On your iPhone, you can get a free program called Microsoft Excel by going to the App Store and downloading it. After installing the Excel app on your iPhone, you will be able to access spreadsheets by double-tapping on the attachment, and then selecting Excel from the menu that appears.


How can I edit Excel files on iPhone?

Launch the Google Sheets app and create a new spreadsheet. To make changes to a cell in your spreadsheet, just double-tap the cell in question. Enter your info. To format text, tap and hold the text, and then select an option from the menu that appears.


What is the Apple version of Excel?

Apple's Numbers app is a spreadsheet tool that allows you to perform operations on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch that are comparable to those that can be performed using Microsoft Excel.


How do I sum a column in Excel on iPhone?

The following is a list of the steps:

  1. Choose the cell that is directly beneath the column whose total you wish to get.
  2. Find the Editing group on the Home page by navigating to that tab. After that, you need to select the AutoSum function, which is denoted by the ∑ symbol.
  3. Excel will add the =SUM function automatically and choose the range of values that are located above the cell in the column when you do this.
  4. To view your total, simply press the Enter key.


How to make a chart in Excel for iPhone?

You may make a chart using an iPad or an iPhone. Start by opening your workbook and navigating to the spreadsheet where all of your data is stored. Simply by dragging the handles, you may choose which sets of data to incorporate into your chart. On your iPad, hit Insert. On your iPhone, press the icon labeled Edit, then tap Home, and last tap the Insert button. To view the charts that Excel thinks best represent your data, select the Recommended tab.



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