How to use IF AND OR in Excel? [Step by Step Videos]

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How to use IF AND OR in Excel? [Step by Step Videos]

Using the IF function, you may do a conditional comparison between a value and a target condition. This comparison is carried out by testing for the presence of a condition and then delivering a result depending on the status of that condition.

But what if you need to test many conditions, where, for example, all conditions need to be True or False (AND), (OR) if you want to check whether a condition does NOT satisfy your requirements, you can't just use = IF(If something is True, then do something; otherwise, do something else.)

What then? While you may use any of these three alone, IF functions combined with AND OR are by far the most common combination.



Excel Logical Functions IF, AND, OR




How do I use multiple conditions in Excel?

Utilizing an array formula is another another method for getting an Excel IF to test a number of different conditions. To correctly finish an array formula, simultaneously press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys on your keyboard.


Can IF function have 3 conditions?

The IF Function accepts the following three arguments:

  1. Logical test. At this point, we are able to compare data or check to determine whether a condition has been satisfied.

2. Value if true. When you define this parameter, you are instructing Excel to return a certain value if the condition included in the logical test is satisfied.

3. Value if false.


How do I combine multiple IF functions in Excel?

It is feasible to incorporate numerous IF functions into a single Excel calculation if you use the nesting feature. When building a complicated IF THEN ELSE statement, you can stack as many as seven IF functions one within the other. Instead of layering several IF functions, you should consider using the new IFS function, which is available in Excel 2016, if you have that version of Excel.


Can you nest the AND or OR functions within an IFS function?

Combinations of "and," "or," and "not" nested inside of a "if" function. When used with the AND, OR, and NOT operators, the IF function gives you the ability to produce individualized outputs or do computations. By placing the AND, OR, and NOT functions inside of a single IF function and using the NESTING operator, you may easily automate the assessment of logical tests.



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