How to use SUMIF in excel? [Step by Step]

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How to use SUMIF in excel? [Step by Step]

You have the option of applying the criteria to one range and then summing up the results that correspond to that range in a separate range.

For instance, the formula =SUMIF(A3:A6, "Paul", B3:B6) will only add up the totals for the range C2:C5 if the corresponding cells in the range B2:B5 include the word "Paul."



How to use the SUMIF function in Microsoft Excel


How to Use SUMIF Function in Excel (Step by Step)



Why we use Sumif in Excel?

The SUMIF function in Excel calculates and returns the total value of all cells that satisfy a single condition. Dates, numerical values, and texts may all be evaluated using criteria. Logical operators (>,,>,=) and wildcards (*,?) are both supported by the SUMIF function, which allows for partial matching to be performed.


How do I do a Sumif with multiple criteria?

The SUMIFS function only supports the AND logical operator by default, which means that if you supply several conditions, all of those criteria have to be met for the result to be valid. Providing various criteria in the form of an array constant is one approach to solving the problem. We insert SUMIFS within SUM to get a final total out of the calculation. The result of adding up all of the values included in the array is what the SUM function delivers.


What is Sumif formula?

The SUMIF function in Excel is a readymade function that calculates the sum of items in a range depending on a true or false condition. This function can be found under the Formulas tab of Excel. It is written out as =SUMIF(range, criteria, [sum range]). The term for the condition is "criteria," and it may be used to check things like the following: If a number is higher than another number, followed by the symbol >.


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